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Development and Reform Commission: complete conditions have a way to protect the stability of coal supply

Date:2017-7-28 15:49

In the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics in October, coal mining and washing industry prices rose, the chain rose 9.8% over the previous month to expand 4.4 percentage points. The impact of rising coal prices on China's production capacity has received renewed attention from the outside world. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference to encourage the signing of long-term coal contracts to promote the sustainable development of coal and related industries, etc. were described. Development and Reform Commission, the relevant person in charge pointed out that the recent rise in coal prices is caused by the stage demand, individual speculation played a role in fueling. In the future, the relevant departments are fully qualified, there are ways to protect the stable supply of coal; the same time, China's determination in the field of coal production will not waver, the intensity can not be weakened.
Long - term contract
Although the recent coal price appears to be "hot" when burning coal, but in fact people do not have to worry about coal supply.
According to Xu Kunlin, deputy secretary general of Development and Reform Commission, Shenhua Group, China Coal Energy Group, Huadian Group and other enterprises have signed a long-term coal supply and demand contracts. Different from the previous "one-price" model, these contracts are longer and have a clear pricing mechanism, namely: to determine the 5500 kcal thermal coal base price of 535 yuan / ton, the future will be based on the market changes Adjust accordingly.
Xu Kunlin said that this is the deepening of coal market reform since the landmark of a major event, there are three important significance: First, is conducive to coal, electricity two industries healthy development. By identifying long-term relationships, both industries can achieve revenue sharing, risk sharing, and avoid "seesaw". Second is conducive to the stability of the coal market. Long-term contracts to follow the rules of the market, taking into account the interests of both sides of the demands, but also can effectively resolve the market fluctuations caused by operational risks and contradictions. Third is conducive to the implementation of the supply side of the structural reform. If the basic supply of coal to stabilize the market down, you can well grasp the scale and rhythm of production capacity.
"In the case of bulk commodities such as coal, medium and long-term supply contracts are very common in a generally stable and timely adjustment of the pricing mechanism, the coal enterprises have a stable source of income, electricity enterprises locked the supply of raw materials, the general public Coal, electricity, do not have to be hot money speculation too much impact.It can be said that the long-term contract does not violate the laws of the market, but an effective complement to the market mechanism. "National Information Center Macroeconomic Research Office Director Niu Li Newspaper reporter said.
Firmly do not remove capacity
One side is to the production capacity, while the supply of security, these two phenomena at the same time how to look at it?
In this regard, cattle plow pointed out that the relationship between production and production is the key to understanding this problem. "Production capacity is the ability to produce a product, the output is the actual production out of the number.In the short term, the market supply and demand situation is often the output, rather than capacity." Niu Li said, on the one hand, this year to coal to production process On the other hand, real estate, steel and other industries to pick up the summer and the peak of electricity caused by the coal demand of the stage to enhance the increase, coupled with hot money speculation, only to have, This round of coal prices "hot".
Insiders pointed out that this round of coal prices rose more is a "retaliatory rebound." Although this will give coal enterprises to bring back the speed of recovery, capital reduction and other good, but the coal industry's own debt ratio is too high, industrial concentration is too low, the burden of taxes and other issues have not been fundamentally improved. Therefore, we should stand in the long-term development of the height, continue to lay the coal industry out of the difficulties of the development of the policy combination boxing, unswervingly promote the supply side of the structural reform, and thus the formation of "good horse expulsion of inferior horse" health situation.
At the press conference, Xu Kunlin also said that the recent rise in coal prices is the stage of demand changes brought about, which individual speculation played a role in fueling, but this is not a long-term trend. The current situation of excess coal production capacity has not changed, which we have a clear understanding. The next period, China's energy consumption intensity will be down, the coal market demand is difficult to have room for growth. Therefore, the determination of China's coal production capacity will not waver, the intensity can not be weakened.
The energy structure will be optimized
Coal heat to serve the people's livelihood, hype is not sustainable. Not long ago, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and other institutions on the discovery of illegal coal futures transactions were punished. In fact, from the perspective of China's future energy structure optimization and upgrading, the coal market speculation space itself is very limited.
National Energy Bureau, chief engineer Han water that the future of China's energy structure will be further optimized, clean energy will be more development opportunities. For example, the future of China in accordance with the "centralized development and decentralized development simultaneously, the nearest consumption of the main" principle to optimize the layout of wind power, the orderly development of wind power photoelectric, by 2020, the national wind power installed capacity will reach 210 million kilowatts or more, solar power installed More than 110 million kilowatts. At the same time, China will also strictly control the planning and construction of coal power, rational control of coal power base construction progress, according to local planning and construction of cogeneration and low calorific value coal power generation projects, and actively promote coal transformation and upgrading.
"Coal combustion will bring a lot of carbon dioxide emissions in the future, China in the implementation of the" Paris Climate Change Agreement "in the process, it is necessary to reduce the use of coal.Therefore, how to achieve 'clean use' will be the core issue of sustainable development of the coal industry "Said the cow plow.

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