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Production and Research Promoting the Transformation of "Made in Chongqing" Magnesium Alloy Products

Date:2017-7-28 12:21

Recently, from Wansheng Economic Zone was informed that the Pingshan Industrial Park in the area, the production of magnesium alloy products mainly Boao magnesium aluminum metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is working with many universities and research institutions, for medical, automotive and other industries Magnesium alloy materials for continuous research and development, will be combined with production and research to promote the transformation of product achievements, a magnesium alloy industry in Chongqing City, "leader."
According to reports, magnesium alloy because of its high strength, flexibility, good heat dissipation, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical and medical equipment, automobile manufacturing and other fields. At present, China's magnesium alloy industry R & D and production level has been in the forefront of the world, Wansheng by the open area as the focus of Chongqing magnesium alloy industry development, through the formation of magnesium alloy industry technical advisory team, magnesium alloy production promotion center and other institutions to attract a large number of magnesium Alloy companies in the local root.
It has been engaged in the development, development, production and sales of magnesium alloy die-casting products. Its products are used in automobile, motorcycle, electric tools and other fields, become Volvo , Ford and other car products supplier.
Boao magnesium aluminum metal manufacturing Co., Ltd., said Cao Jianyong, relying on the National University of Chongqing Magnesium Alloy Materials Engineering Research Center, led by many universities and research institutions to support, Boao magnesium from product planning to product development, and then to the production of products The whole process includes production, learning, research tripartite cooperation. Boao plant is currently building a "joint detection technology center", will be completed with the scientific research institutions to establish a closer contact, and better promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Cao Jianyong said, Boao magnesium aluminum new production line all the equipment, commissioned in March this year and into the trial run, with an annual output of 12 million high-strength magnesium alloy automobile and motorcycle and machine punch, machine parts, to achieve an annual output value of 200 million yuan the above. At present, the intelligent production line of the robot in the factory has also been successfully tested, and it is expected that the annual production capacity will be 2 million pieces of finished magnesium alloy products.

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